Adventure Holidays

Adventure Holidays


This route is quite popular and is considered to be one of the easiest routes up Kilimanjaro. It is the only route on the north side of the mountain at Rongai, a small village close to the Kenya border. It is drier on this side of the mountain and there are spectacular sweeping views over the flat Maasai lands below. Overnights are spent camping in tents. The summit is reached via the eastern side of Kibo and the descent is on the Marangu route.

Take four days to experience the wonder of tracking endangered gorilla's in their natural habitat.

This rare and unique opportunity allows you to get up-close and personal with some of the most spectacular creatures in the world, whilst all the time being surrounded by the paradise that is the landscape of Rwanda, otherwise known as 'the land of a thousand hills'. 

 Rwanda is renowned for the opportunity it gives travellers to come face to face with primates in their natural habitat.

The 5 day primate safari allows you to make the most of these opportunities, and see up to 13 species of primate in the wild. This includes the endangered gorilla, who you will track through the Rwandan rainforest and spend up to an hour observing.

With less than 2,500 gorillas left living in the wild today, this rare chance is the ultimate wildlife experience which truly takes you back to nature in its rawest form.

Mountain Climber Scaling Mount Kenya

 This is one of the most spectacular and beautiful routes on Mt. Kenya, in which you ascend on the Chogoria route and descend through the Naro Moru Route. This trek is only possible during dry weather.

The most scenic route up Mount Kilimanjaro, the Machame route is normally done in a minimum of 6 days / 5nights on the mountain. It is a more demanding but much quieter route whose highlights are the Shira Plateau, Barranco wall and the Karanga Valley reaching the summit via Stella Point. Because this route is more taxing it is recommended that trekkers should be physically fit and with the additional day on trek to assist with acclimatisation there is a good chance of reaching the summit.

Overnights are spent camping in tents which are carried and pitched by the accompanying porters.

The most popular route up the mountain, the Marangu or coca cola route is followed by most of the climbers. It has a well defined path where obstacles have been modified to make them ‘climber friendly’. Despite the human traffic this is a very scenic route with good views of Mawenzi and excellent prospects for viewing wildlife. Accommodation on this route is in purpose built mountain huts providing adequate shelter and even bottled water, beer and soft drinks.

When it comes to wildlife Uganda has so much to offer - and this 8 day tour allows you to make the best of your time in the country and see some of the most exclusive wildlife in the world.

Uganda's national parks are brimming with wildlife, and you will truly get the chance to come face to face with extraordinary nature of the course of the eight days.

The most unique part of the trip is coming face to face with the rarest primate in the world, the mountain gorilla - and you will get to spend up to an hour observing a whole family in their natural habitat.




With less than 2,500 gorilla's living in thew wild today, here is a unique opportunity to trek through the Rwandan rainforest and spend some time with these majestic creatures.

The beauty of the 4 day connoisseur tour means that at the end of a long day tracking these endangered creatures, you will be able to sit back and relax in pure luxury, with the best food and accommodation that Rwanda has to offer.



Mount Kenya Moor Lands Kenya

This route gives climbers the opportunity to experience all the contrasting scenery of Mt. Kenya. It is a beautiful blend of all our itineraries, taking advantage of the best aspects of the three main approach routes to the peak area namely, Naro Moru, Sirimon and Chogoria. Our trek starts from Naro Moru River Lodge.

Beautiful Mount Kenya Climbing Views

This climb is for those Mountaineers who have an adventurous spirit and want to ascend  to Pt. Lenana (4,985m) in a leisurely fashion,  from a non-tourist route. The climber has a better chance of acclimatizing and getting fit for the attempt on Pt. Lenana.


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